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The 2018-2019 season will soon be getting under way and we have started adding details of the new squad lists which have been announced to date.

14-07-18  NEW  The complete squads from the new season of the Bundesliga in Germany are now online.

13-07-18  NEW  The complete squads from the new season of the Super League in Switzerland are now online.

10-07-18  NEW  The complete squads from the new season of the Superliga in Denmark are now online.

You can also now access the team lists released so far in England, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Squads from all of the other usual featured leagues will be added over the coming days and weeks as and when they are released, so keep checking back for numerous updates!

Please note that all numbers released to date are provisional and can be changed right up until the start of each particular league to accommodate new signings, player departures, etc.

Of course, we will also be continuing to update the squads from the 2018 season leagues to take into account the movements in the July/August transfer window.

 PLUS!  The complete squads from the FIFA World Cup 2018 held in Russia and won by France are also online.  They can be accessed here.