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16-02-19  NEW  The complete squads from the new season of the Premier Division in the Republic of Ireland are now online.

06-01-19  NEW  The complete squads from the 2019 Torneo Clausura of Liga MX in Mexico are now online.

01-01-19  NEW  The winter transfer window is now open across most of Europe and we hope to update all movements as they take place as quickly as possible. As ever, we will concentrate on those from the major leagues at first with the rest to follow over the coming days and weeks. So keep checking back for numerous updates!

08-12-18  NEW  The complete squads from the 2018 Torneo Clausura of the Primera División in Uruguay are now online.

26-11-18  NEW  The complete squads from the 2018 Torneo Finalización of the Categoría Primera A in Colombia are now online.

11-11-18 The squads from the Eliteserien in Norway have been fully updated.

10-11-18 The squads from the J1 League in Japan have been fully updated.

07-11-18 The squads from Major League Soccer in the USA have been fully updated.

06-11-18 The squads from the Primera División in Chile have been fully updated.

04-11-18 The squads from Série A in Brazil have been fully updated.