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29-03-15:   NEW  The complete squads from the 2015 Tippeligaen in Norway are now online.

28-03-15:   NEW  The complete squads from the 2015 Allsvenskan in Sweden are now online.

12-03-15:   NEW  The complete squads from the 2015 Super League in China are now online.

08-03-15:   NEW  The complete squads from the 2015 Premier Division in the Republic of Ireland are now online.

08-03-15:  The squads from the Premier League in Ukraine have been fully updated.

07-03-15:   NEW  The complete squads from 2015 Major League Soccer in the USA are now online.

04-03-15:  The squads from the Ekstraklasa in Poland and the Nemzeti Bajnokság I in Hungary have been fully updated.

02-03-15:   NEW  The complete squads from the 2015 J.League in Japan are now online.

28-02-15:  The squads from the Football Premier League in Russia and the A-League in Australia have been fully updated.

26-02-15:  The squads from the Süper Lig in Turkey have been fully updated.

24-02-15:  The squads from the Super League in Greece have been fully updated.

22-02-15:  The squads from the Primeira Liga in Portugal, the Pro League in Belgium and the Super League in Switzerland have been fully updated.

17-02-15:  The squads from the Eredivsie in the Netherlands have been fully updated.

16-02-15:   NEW  The complete squads from the 2015 Primera División in Argentina are now online.

07-02-15:  The squads from the Superliga in Denmark and the Bundesliga in Austria have been fully updated.

05-02-15:  The squads from the Ligues 1 & 2 in France have been fully updated.

04-02-15:  The squads from the Bundesliga & 2.Bundesliga in Germany and Serie A & B in Italy have been fully updated.

18-01-15:   NEW  The complete squads from the Clausura 2015 Liga MX in Mexico are now online.